Von DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution beantwortete Beschwerde. | 156 Views | 06.12.2018 | 16:28 Uhr
geschrieben von HONARMAND Alexandra Tanase

DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KG (Aschaffenburg)

Undelivered packages arrived in Berlin from 20.11.2018

This is becoming very frustrating. I have sent 3 parcels with DPD (17261018487480, 17261018487481, 17261018487483) from Romania and all 3 of them have problems.


Seeing what happened to me and others, makes me not trust the DPD anymore. It seems to be a common practice for drivers to not deliver packages but note in the system that the consignee was not home.

For example I was told that one of the packages will arrive on 29.11.2018 between 15:52 and 16:52, so I continuously watched the street for any delivery man, but no one came and in the DPD system it says:

29.11.2018 16:05:14 Unsuccessful Delivery
Consignee not present - informed first time [#019]
0112-Berlin-Hohenschoenhausen, Germany

Next day, on 30.11.2018, I asked again for information because in the system I saw that the delivery for one package will be made on 30.11.2018.

On 30. 11. 2018 reply was these:

Today the deliverer did not take this 81 PK and it landed on some bridge. Unfortunately, I hope I can search next week, because the video department is currently not.

Then, these one is lost, the second package it was returned in Romania and it appears in the system that it will be returned in Berlin on 3/4 December after I wrote and asked for returning.

The third package was not yet in delivery and has only one entrance on 20.11. in DPD depot.

If there is a way to help me recover these packages please help.


Alexandra Tanase

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07.12.2018 | 07:25
Firmen-Antwort von: DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KG
Abteilung: Social Media

Dear Ms. Tanase,

thank you for your message.

We would like to investigate why your parcels haven't arrived yet. Please contact us via E-Mail (socialmedia spider monkey dpd.de) with the subject "Reclabox complaint-Nr. 180738". Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Your DPD Team

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10.12.2018 | 09:49
von HONARMAND Alexandra Tanase | Regelverstoß melden
Dear DPD,
Thank you for your answer.
As per your message you have here all the details you need to know about my experience with DPD:
I have sent from Bucharest 3 parcels:
17261018487480 - package entered on 20.11.2018 in the warehouse without any delivery;
17261018487481 - damaged package with missing items and original box destroyed;
For these seccond package 17261018487481,after 1 delivery with wrong address message in you DPD system and two other messages with unsuccessful delivery, I wrote to the warehouse where I was confirmed by e-mail delivery on 29.11.2018, time 15.52- 16.52;
Keeping in mind what happend in previous deliveries made me not trust the driver (even I was permanently at the address and no one came and the message was failed delivery), so this time I waited with the window open looking continuously on the window for this delivery. Also, this time no one came.
I communicated on the same E-Mail to the warehouse that this delivery did not even try, although the message in the system is that again it was an unsuccessful delivery tryit at 16.04.
The next day in the system appears to be a new delivery attempt. I wrote again to the warehouse to get a courier phone number, but I was told that although the system appears this information this package did not come out of the warehouse, has fallen from a bridge and has to be searched together with the other package 17261018487480, while the third 17261018487483 has already been sent back to the sender for the same reason that no one has been found at the address.
Taking into account everything that has happened, I decided to write to the warehouse that I want to personally pick up these parcels.
So, as soon as I was informed of finding one of the packages, I was personally at the warehouse where I picked up the 17261018487481 package, damaged with missing items and the original box destroyed.
Taking into account that at the sender's address in Romania, there would have been no one to take over this return, I wrote to DPD colleagues in Bucharest to return this package.
They told me that this package can not be send back because of the reason of the unsuccessful delivery.
They told me that this parcel with the number 17261018487483 has returned due to incomplete delivery address.
I would like to mention that at the same time, at this address communicated to Romania, I received a package also through DPD following the purchase of online products.
So I would like to know the missing address details that led to the return of the package in Romania and the impossibility of delivering it?
Having no other possibilities, I asked for an acquaintance to go to the warehouse in Bucharest to pick up this package for me.
To let me know first of all, if possible, I have sent 3 emails without receiving an answer. I called and been promise to receive a phone call back for reconfirmation, which I didn't.
So I asked for an acquaintance to go to the warehouse for trying to recover the second package.
Thus, on 07.11.2018, at 13.15 this knowledge arrived at the warehouse while the delivery was done at the closing time, respectively 16.59 after being left to wait without explanation and completely ignored.
So I managed to recover this package in Romania after many nerves, lost time and lack of purpose as the package would have been useful to me in Berlin.
I'm still waiting for the 17261018487480 package that I think needs to be found. It's a parcel that can not disappear without marks. Someone has to answer for it.
Consequently, appealing to this company, I picked up with a broken and high-packed personal from the warehouse, a lost packet and one sent back to Romania.
So I expect your answer to the above situation.
Thank you
Alexandra Tanase

17.12.2018 | 04:47
von HONARMAND Alexandra Tanase | Regelverstoß melden
It is incredible. I have one package lost and they ignore me. I wrote a reclamation in Romania and I still wait to registrate it because no one answerd.

17.12.2018 | 09:20
von HONARMAND Alexandra Tanase noch nicht gelöste Beschwerde | Regelverstoß melden
No. It isn t solved and nobody seams to care. At your advice I send the complaine at DPD Romania but I didn t receive at least a reply, not even today.

02.01.2019 | 16:53
von HONARMAND Alexandra Tanase noch nicht gelöste Beschwerde | Regelverstoß melden
Ich habe die ReclaBox-Rückfrage nach dem Status der Beschwerde wie folgt beantwortet:

Beschwerde ist noch nicht gelöst

23.01.2019 | 22:14
von HONARMAND Alexandra Tanase | Regelverstoß melden
My complaint isn't solved.
I wrote DPD Germany and DPD Romania, both didn't answerd.
I have a package lost in Germany deposit and DPD doesn't bother and incurage stolen.

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